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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news
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>> following breaking news out of southern california, three cops shot overnight. one of them killed. they're looking for a former police officer. at live pictures coming out of southern california coming up. >> there is rain to our north, that is part of the forecast for the day and in the next couple of days right? >> erica was telling me is really more of a north bay thing. >> we would is scattered showers, not so much and the east bay because it will break apart as it crosses the golden gate bridge. it wasn't as strong to begin with. you see below indicates moderate to heavy rain currently falling. we have the possibility to see showers into the afternoon
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and evening hours. i will not keep your future cast four and talk about the winter weather advisory in tahoe. s 6:01 a.m. it is time for the commute with george. >> bay bridge toll plaza, no back up yet, no metering lights. a little slowing on highway four adding to interstate highw580. the rest of the bay enjoying light traffic. >> three people shot overnight and on home invasion robbery. will tran is joining us live from vallejo now. >> we just learned of the three people shot or family members. investigators are still inside the home. it happened around 340 this morning. i just got off the phone with the sergeant. he said two men kick down on the front door when inside. the adult male came downstairs to check it out and got shot in the face. two female family members
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were also shot. the suspects fled on foot. they do not believe this was targeted, they believe it was random. they're going through the house and one of the subject says it appears that nothing was taken care >> how does the rest of neighborhood as far as this is concerned? >> the rest of the neighborhood is a very quiet. the crews are still on the scene, it looks like there was still be here for the next couple of hours or so. people are getting up at this time. it is still quiet, there is not a lot of disturbance. all the focus is on this house as far as the police department is concerned. >> i can see the act in crime scene in vallejo right now. we will check back with us later. >> a manhunt underway for a former l.a. police officer. he shot 2 officers in riverside overnight, killing one of them. he shot another one and to round up. we
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think the shootings are linked to christopher darden corner. he is one of already in connection with another murder or the weekend. the couple was shot and killed in the car. the woman was killed as the daughter of a former police officer who represented the warner at a hearing where he lost his badge. it appears he is out for revenge on police. he has named several police officers in his manifesto. those officers are receiving extra protection for them and their families. we had three officers shot over night. to in riverside, one of them killed. another and to run and a massive manhunt for the many see pictured on your left. jordan dorner, we believe were being dismissed from the lapd. >> we have new details on
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the collins case. sam francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding additional information about the man at dan therrien. he is a suspect in the 1984 disappearance of kevin collins. he has a history of kidnapping and sexually assaulting involving children. a 1981 he was arrested and the fisherman's wharf area for kidnapping and lewd acts on the child. he bailed out, then was a no show at his court date. in 1982 he was arrested at that on that outstanding warrant, then pleaded guilty to felony lewd acts on a child. he was sentenced to six months in jail and three years' probation. he was also wanted in canada for crime in 1973. police say he kidnapped and sexually assault the two children. dan therrien was arrested and charged but once he was released he fled to canadacanad. police say was never caught
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because, in part, he is so many different names. >> fairfield police say they are now working with the fbi and search for the killer of 13 year old girl whose body was found in the park last week. authorities are currently analyzing surveillance video from the area where 13 year-old murder victim genelle conway-allen was last seen. they did release his picture taken last thursday afternoon, it is believed to be the last known image of the young girl. meanwhile are for the memorial grows continues to grow at allen witt park where her body was found. her family released a statement saying " this is the devastating tragedy for our family in our community, we need to thank everyone for the outpouring of support at the memorial site ". >> a breaking report, the
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president is getting ready to speak at the national prayer breakfast. we'll monitored the president's comments during the morning and we'll bring them back to you. >> every year for 61 years now this great prayerful tradition has endured. that says something about us. every year in times of triumph and in tragedy, and, and in crisis, we come together and not as democrats and republicans would as brothers and sisters and as children of god. every year, in the midst of all are busy lives we set aside one morning together as one community.
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0ñvo: for cold and flu season, honey, don't use your sleeve. there's clorox bleach. >> right before the hearing lawmakers were receiving the first classified reports of information about the rationale of the u.s. drove strikes that have been targeting brennan's confirmation hearing is now setting the
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stage for controversial programs against the war on al qaeda. the use of water boarding during interrogation. also following the latest with the senate postponing chuck hegel vote as he becomes defense secretary. this decision comes as republicans aranding more informations from hagel about his paid speeches and business dealings. senator carl levin, the chairman of the armed services committee, said in a statement yesterday that there'll be no vote this week. committee republicans say they are dissatisfied with information hegel provided the panel after his confirmation hearing last week. >> california senator
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barbara boxer once federal regulators to investigate possible the equipment problems at the shattered sand on a firm nuclear power plant. this comes as utility officials are pushing to restart one of the reactors at the plant. in a letter to the nuclear regulatory commission, a boxer says new information shows southern california edison and the company that makes the plant's steam generator is new about design problems before the equipment was installed. boxer says this raises concerns the safety modifications and a more rigorous safety review were ignored.
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>> the bay bridge on the left, pulled gate bridge on the right. right now it is dry but it cannot be said for all portions of the north. >> let's start off with storm tracker 4. the majority of the bay area is dry for now, of that will be the case for most of the morning. we're picking up light rain around coverdale, just north of santa rosa. eastern santa rosa could be picking up light rain. you will see a lot of it on highway 1 01 approaching the eat heels bird area. the yellow indicates moderate to heavy rain, it depends on
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where you are located. and apart in petaluma looks like they're under dry conditions. rain will continue to spread its way south. it's the systems cold front will start to break apart as it crosses the golden gate bridge. satellite and radar shows not much moisture associated with this system. we will pick up some snow not only in tahoe where we are expecting up to 5 in. but it looks like we could see snow that will drop in the bay area down to 2,500 ft.. we could see a light dusting of snow on top of mount hamilton. a lot of clouds and cool air associated with this system. future cast force shows right now the rain is to our north. it will continue to spread its way south for at least half of the bay area until 8:00 a.m.. 8:00 p.m. this evening, a lingering showers for most of us. snow in the lake tahoe area. we should be on the driver's
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side waking up tomorrow morning. a winter weather advisory in effect starting at 10:00 a.m. today until 10:00 a.m. friday morning for the western slope of the sierra nevada. one to 3 in. of snow possible and when speeds between five and 15 mi. per hour. he ran into some trouble implications for interstate 80 as well as highway 50. right now temperatures are in the 30's and '40's. mid-50s into the afternoon. 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain chances is short lived. we're still very dry for this time of year. we will return to the sunshine and morning frost for saturday and sunday. just about everyone is back into the '60s as we start the next work week. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. metering lights are active at the bay bridge adding a minute and half to
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two minutes your drive time. 11 minutes out of the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge, no change in drive time, still a and easy drive across the span. the golden gate bridge ride is problem free coming from marin county. we have added four minutes to the commute time on the east shore freeway. 16 minutes drive from our police hercules to berkeley. 16 to 18 minutes from the san ramon valley. the heaviest traffic in the east bay is on net 580 and highway 4. south bay's problem free. the peninsula is getting word of a print problem near as at all. southbound 1 01 right at the airport, there is a report of a did this it will dump truck, a bottom dumb bird that could be blocking the left lane. if it stays there that could be a hot spot. a day and read on bart, no
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delays. caltrans is clear out of central valley a strays are without delay. no problems reported on the muni metro. >> in update on the story from southern california the former cop that's wanda for shooting three police officers as morning, killing one of them they have found his pickup truck. we just saw here a moment ago. he is also suspected of killing a couple over the weekend. dead daughter was a daughter of a police officer who defended this man when he was dismissed from the lapd. there is a pickup truck. they are looking for jordan and the warner right now, a former police officer. he put out a manifesto being upset about being kicked off the lapd. he killed the police officer's daughter and her fiancee and shot three cops this morning. the
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manhunt continuing trend is a former officer this morning. >> state department of public health has issued fines against three bay area hospitals for code violations -- health code violations that it says are likely to cause serious injury or death to patients. the u.s. see paucsf medical cenn san francisco received to penalties totaling $200,000. st. mary's medical center in san francisco also received two chelsea's amounting to $175,000. the santa clara valley medical center in san jose received one penalty costing $100,000. alameda county officials say they have sat down the as soon as possible medical center in san leandro calling it a bogus medical center. the district
6:22 am
attorney's office says they have filed felony criminal charges against the doctor, who was dispensing drugs as most relaxants, anti- inflammatory agents and creams to patients who did not need them. of this is a close the centers facility on 150th avenue and san leandro as well as other clinics in hayward, they develop in fairfield. >> and emeryville an office building was evacuated yesterday morning because of a bomb threat that has been given the all clear. the threat prompted a six hour evacuation of the building used by division of the lawrence berkeley national lab. streets were also clothes were black in every direction while a bomb squad when ansas we the building. the search turned up nothing suspicious. >> new details released about the deadly triple shooting at a rural home in sonoma county. at a news
6:23 am
conference shared officials said they believe the three victims were buying pot from an unknown number of suspects. the three victims have been identified as 46 year-old richard lewin, 42 year-old titodd karklowski, and 26 year old racireighaleigh butler. >> this morning alabama
6:24 am
authorities are sifting the crime scene of a man's property who was killed by a swat team on monday after shooting and killing a bus driver then holding a canny are captive for nearly a week. the can gardner was not hurt. the fbi says the 65 year-old man planted 1 x was a are that the ventilation pipe used by negotiators to communicate with him in his underground bunker. bomb technicians found zero more explosive devices after a search of jimmy lee dykes'robbery this week. an autopsy is scheduled today for him. >> coming up, more headlines for you. also a live look outside from southern california a former police officer suspected in the double murder and possible shootings of fellow officers this morning. we'll have more on that coming up.
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>> watching wall street the latest round of earnings reports failed to push the stock market's rat recent rally for word. stocks also were flat tuesday with the dow rising seven points to 13,986. that's the key 500 went up just under a point to 1005 are the 12 and then
6:28 am
as that was three points lower at 3168. the labor department releases weekly jobless claims today along with fourth quarter productivity data. freddie mac releases weekly mortgage rates and better reserve releases consumer credit date for december. on-line game maker zynga stock soared yesterday after a better than expected quarterly statements and earnings. the sampras's company who makes games like farm bill saw its stock jump over nine percent yesterday. >> it was an accident in san diego. a car suspended over an outdoor staircase. this happened yesterday when authorities say seven the road and lost control of his car. you tried get a parking voucher edible when the car started to roll forward. the man that is oriented and hit the accelerator is sending the car through the gate of the parking lot, over
6:29 am
occurred, through a metal guardrail an end to the building. the driver had to wait while crews figure out a way to safely get him out of the car. he was not hurt. >> to breaking news stories one of vallejo with there was a home invasion and three people were shot. also we are looking live in los angeles as they are searching for a former police officer, an lapd you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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>> three people have reportedly been shot at a home during a home invasion. will tran is on the scene with the latest with what happened. early in the morning, three people, victims and is correct? >> yes they were a sleep and 2 men and hoodies kicked in the front door. a male victim went downstairs when
6:32 am
was shot right there. two female victims also came down and also got shot. there in the hospital would not life threatening injuries. they do not believe this was targeted. they are going through the house right now to see whether or not anything was taken. before they can make the final confirmation they have to get a search warrant to get in there and collect evidence. that is why all the lights are still on this time. the three suspects, no identity or description at this time. >> this will be a story we will watch developed through out the morning as well. >> it breaking news story out of southern california, the man hot on for a former police officer a cop killer. they found his truck on the
6:33 am
street. this man implicated in the killing over the weekend. a couple shot and killed an irvine. then a manifesto comes out from jordan dorner, a former member of the lapd. here is his picture. the couple he killed? of the woman, a daughter of a former lapd member. he defended the corner and a case that that was dismissed from the lapd. he claims responsibility for the double murder are the weekend claiming it was revenge. he named lapd police officers that he would be targeting, their families now under protection. overnight is one more shootings occurred. two officers shot and riverside, one of them killed. a short time later another shot officer shot in tirana. he was raised by a bullet. the
6:34 am
vehicle has now been found. jordan dorner, armed and dangerous. police are out looking for him right now. we will bring you the latest as we continue to follow this. >> 6328 am and we want to get a look at weather and traffic. >> this is not a huge rainmaker, this cold front will fall apart as it crosses the golden gate bridge. on storm tracker 4, the majority of the bay area is dry. zooming and light rain of around coverdale. yellow indicates moderate to heavy rain. portions of highway 1 01 you will have to use windshield wipers. it looks like for the most part we are dry. we could see some scattered showers along the coast line into
6:35 am
midmorning. showers will push their way east and south as we head into the early afternoon. wet weather is ahead of us, cooler conditions as well. i will become a full details and my full forecast coming up and my next report. >> we are not taking any hot spots here is a quick check. a bridge toll plaza, still an easy drive 10 minutes west of. highway 4 and interstate 580 especially slow through antioch this morning. >> of the crime rate in berkeley is up. according to police chief in 2012 there were 39 reported rape cases. i those were attempted rapes compared to 20 rigs in 2011. that is a 95 percent raise
6:36 am
from year to year. majority of the rapes happen in the neighborhood surrounding the uc-berkeley campus. investigators say there is no clear reason for the increase other than that maybe the victims were more willing to report crimes to police. the police are but says it's conducting additional sexual assault and prevention training including outreach to the public. >> seven people hurt after one of standards as those iconic cable cars makes a hard abrupt stop. it happened at paul and washington streets. muni says the car suddenly stopped after hitting a nearly two edge bolt that got wedged down inside the trackway. one person suffered a life-threatening head injury. for others on board were taken to hospitals with minor injuries. other passengers were treated at the scene. many says it will be looking into why this it sensors and did not alert them to the blockage. >> demand severance as the mayod
6:37 am
lee is calling on thousands of property owners in the city to wreath retrofit so- called soft story structures that are exceptionally vulnerable to earthquakes. the upgrade would run property owners of thousands of dollars. the recommended a mandate is targeting a certain group of buildings that are known to be vulnerable should an earthquake hit the bay area. what for and buildings with three more stories, 5 + units, and built before 1978. experts say the retrofitting is important and a case in case a quake like ioma prieta of 1989 were to hit again. the mandate is expected to pass. once it takes affect the city will reach out to people that will be affected. retrofitting would
6:38 am
cost about two or more than $100,000. the city is working with banks to help get financing. >> right now and concord is 44 degrees, looking for a >> right now and concord is 44 de[ male announcer ] a citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. >> for the first time in weeks is 787 will take to this guy. the federal aviation administration has given boeing permission to conduct a test flight of a dream liner 787 today. the onetime flight will have no passengers on board. the plane that has been and fort worth taxes for painting as
6:42 am
part of the production process and will be returning to the airplane manufacturer's average washington factory. the flight to be the first since the faa and other agencies around world brought to the 50 plane at fleet on january 16th. that came after a lithium ion battery of port aboard and palo nippon airways flight caught fire and boston nine days earlier. the deal for american airlines and u.s. air raids what to merge is likely to be agreed on early next week. the board of directors of american's parent company amr corp. is slated to meet monday to consider the agreement an announcement could be made the next day. but the american u.s. airways boards given the green light for the murder to occur. >> the u.s. anti doping agency is giving cyclists lance armstrong more time to
6:43 am
decide if you speak with its investigators. the agency banned armstrong for life from sports and had given him until yesterday to speak with investigators under oath if you wanted to the band reduced. now you as a dea officials say they have agreed to give armstrong until february 20th to try to work something out. the agency hopes armstrong's testimony would help investigators crack down on sports doping by giving them more insight into the practice. >> a quick look here at southern california. we are watching and waiting for the latest as police there are searching for an ax lapd officer who is wanted in a double murder that happened yesterday and a shooting of the other fellow police officers this morning. we'll be back with more in a moment.
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6:47 am
people overnight. it happened just before 4 this morning at a home on mcdougal's street. some male suspects kit down the front door and three people in the home were shot. they're all expected to route survive. ever as the officer was shot and killed, two other officers were injured. bishop and shootings could be related to a suspected gunman christopher and jordajordan dorner a former lapd officer wanted in connection with a double murder of a couple an irvine. >> temperatures are too bad right now, but up to the north we have some showers. storm tracker 4 and the majority of the bay area is dry for now. the yellow on
6:48 am
these green indicates moderate to heavy rain. picking up light rain all around the santa rosa, petaluma area. this cold front will head the bay area will start to lose its identity as it crosses the golden gate bridge. we are anticipating scattered showers later on today. most of us will be dry for the morning commute, i don't think we will see to many problems on the roadways. not much moisture is associated with this system but snow levels are going to drop. we will see snow in tahoe as well. we are tracking the rain in the bay area and we have some rain and the north bay. by 10 >> looks like a sitting over the heart of the bay, the good news is folks are
6:49 am
stat work or school. their brain and lingering showers will be back by 11:00 p.m. tonight. inland areas will be dry, we will not put this rain to bed until later on tonight. 41 and napa, 40 in san mateo, mid-50s into the afternoon. temperatures will not be as warm. cool air associated with this system will settle into the bay area. walnut creek 55, 54 alameda, downtown san francisco 54, 55 richmond. 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry weather returns and 60s, not only into the weekend but as we start the next workweek. 6:47 a.m. and here is george. >> the bay bridge toll plaza light back up this morning.
6:50 am
an easy drive time, 9 to 11 minutes. especially if you're coming from the nimitz freeway. this is the beginning of the back up right here. a very light and easy ride. san mateo bridge problem free with a 11 minute commute time from the toll plaza to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride an easy one as it comes from marin county. the east shore freeway ride we are in the south bay here. theirs is the issue on the almandine bally out of highway 5, that is the only problem here. 1 01 southbound a little slide past accounting lined up from 37 down to the golden gate bridge, drive time under 25 minutes. slow traffic for the east bay is a highway four through antioch and interstate 583 all to my past. we're not looking at much in the way of slowing for interstate 80, these short freeway. >> false errors of the san
6:51 am
francisco-based vary between vallejo and severance is going to be restored by this afternoon. one of the four ferries between the two cities has been out of commission since monday because of a mechanical problem, a backup ferry is in the shipyard for routine maintenance. ferry riders have been either taking the two ferries or buses between vallejo and san francisco, but the third ferry should be repaired and back in service in time for this evening's commute from san francisco to vallejo. a area >> bay area residents may have a chance to walk on the bay bridge and the proposed grand opening celebration is approved. the bay area toll authority is considering a proposal that would open the bridge to foot traffic as part of a labor day celebration of the new eastern span. the authority will consider the proposal during a public meeting next week. it approved the birds could open more than 125,000
6:52 am
people on fled on the fourth and final day of scheduled full bridge closure. >> house democrats will unveil 15 proposals for curbing the violence that resemble president obama is planned and will include a call for banning assault weapons. the democrats recommendations of will include a but barring high- capacity magazines carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition, requiring background checks for all gun sales and prohibiting gun trafficking, of which obama proposed last month. the democrats' proposals are unlikely to go anywhere quickly in the republican controlled house. >> when people tell me that you cannot prevent these kind of occurrences, that does not mean we cannot do something to god forbid if
6:53 am
it happens again diminished the carnage. it matters! it matters! >> new images have been replaced on the iran state td allegedly signed pictures taken from the u. s and droned captured in 2011. the video shows an aerial view of the airport at the city's said to beat can't hire afghanistan. it also shows images at a base in eastern iran. iran has long claimed it managed to take control
6:54 am
of the drought and is capable of launching its own production line for the unmanned aircraft. u.s. vessels a big draw malfunctioned and had to land and i ran. rescue workers of the solomon islands are having a difficult time reaching remote areas ravaged by yesterday's tsunami. this comes as the death toll rose at least nine people including a child. the tsunami was generated when a powerful 8.0 earthquake hit near the town of lot of hot and the easternmost province and the silence. at around 100 homes across five villages were damaged or destroyed. well, well, well.
6:55 am
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♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess >> the spotlight is on
6:58 am
sampras's go this morning. a recent global perception study survey ranks san francisco the seventh happy as city and the world, and only city in the united states to make the cut. d f k customer research calculated happy as rankings based on a number of factors including the number of outdoor attractions, shopping centers, performances, amusement opportunities and cultural location. we have it all, are you enjoying it? the top three happiest cities, once again in the world number one rio de janeiro, a number to sydney australia and no. 3 barcelona spain. san francisco is the only one that made the list from the united states. disney world,
6:59 am
disneyland we all know that is the happiest place. >> we are raytheon's ever breaking news stories we are following. will tran is now on the scene in vallejo. an overnight home invasion, three people shot. the suspect still on the loose. we have a live report coming up. following the latest developments in southern california, a live look right now. a former police officer out for revenge. shooting three officers as morning, killing one. another police officer's daughter and her fiancee over the weekend. the manhunt continues and lost angeles. also watching weather, rain already moving into the bay area. erica will penpoint the rain timing and george following your thursday morning timing and george following mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian

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